Well, Crap.

I think You got the wrong way!

QuickVirtuals.com is a Whitelabelled-Domain which has more than 8 Servers, 2 Cloud Nodes hosted on it. It is used for Hosting Shared/VPS/Dedicated Servers only. To Contact the Server Owner, Kindly Send Us a Mail at owner@quickvirtuals.com. This Email uses Forwarder Mechanism for delivering Emails to the Real Owner.


All The Servers follow INDIAN IT Laws for Abuses,Copyrights,Data Protection, US DMCA Laws for Copyrights, EU GDPR Laws for Data Processing and Safety. For any Abuse Complaints, Please Email us to owner@quickvirtuals.com and Get a assured Reply in 5 Working Days(1 Day Forwarding+ 2 Days Given to End-Customer for Reply+ 2 processing Days) on your case.